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Dont forget to read the FAQ’s, as they should answer any questions you may have.

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    Instructors will have no physical contact with any students or anyone accompanying them. We will follow the rules and guidelines of the government, our insurer, and our venues, unless a first aid event requires physical intervention, where we will wear PPE as set out above.

    ALL students will be expected to follow all rules that are set out, in particular social distancing between instructors, other students and anyone else they could be in potential contact with (family members of other students or other users of the venue). Instructors will help to remind students, especially the younger ones in class. When students are not practising they should be mindful of moving to free space around the outside of the class to create safety distance and room for students who are practising.

    Please drop your children outside the Training Hall door. If you need to speak to an instructor please come into the Training Hall and move the middle of the hall away from students who will be on the outside. An instructor will approach when safe. You may be asked to leave the hall with the instructor if practical, so training can start We will not be offering space to spectators except for new students first 2 lessons providing we have safety space. If we need to speak to parents we will send the student out for them. Please use the protocol above for entering the Training Hall. ALL students will require the following Items: Hand Gel. Small Hand Towel – Bar Towel is ideal for this. Pop Top drink bottle marked with your name. No Glass & No Screw Tops please. All students will need to train in training shoes. Please do not wear crocks or flip-flops. Please remove your pad and use the pad bag for your personal items above.

    Although our standard practice prior to COVID-19 was to give students space while practising line work, instructors and students should be actively conscious of who is around them and the distances they are from each other.

    As with the above for line work, students will be given relevant space to perform and practice patterns. Students should be aware of their surroundings.

    Set sparring will be practised as per as line work until we can partner up and make physical contact in line with government guideline when possible.

    Free sparring should be practised at a safe distance with a partner, with NO contact at all, and maintaining social distancing. As an alternative to this, free sparring may be practised in solo in a ‘shadow-boxing style’.

    Partnered pad-work will not continue until social distancing rules have been lifted.

    Fitness will able to continue as usual, as long as all participants abide by social distancing rules.

    Our full Covid-19 Risk Assessment is available to download HERE.