Jeet Kune Do

In these times of ever increasing violence more and more people are looking for a way to protect themselves and their families from harm. Year upon year we are hearing of more and more violent attacks in the news.

At Combined Self Defence our focus is in teaching you how to stop any situation escalating quickly. You do this by causing your attacker a flinch/pain response. This means a shorter engagement with the attacker, allowing you or your family a chance to move to safety, before other attackers join in, or weapons are used against you.

Combined Self Defence training is based on the hugely popular Jeet Kune Do (concepts), which is the name Bruce Lee originally gave to the Martial Arts system he devised.

Our training is attribute, rather than technique based, making it easy to learn for both martial artists and non martial artists alike. An attribute system has major advantages over a traditional technique based system. We use Kick & Thai Boxing drills, Filipino training systems along with footwork drills to improve our body mechanics, speed, educated eyes, timing, reflex action, spatial awareness, sensitivity and recognition of attack lines when we are under pressure.

Our Instructors hold qualifications in JKD with Thru The Fire Training Organisation

We also teach a traditional Tae Kwon-Do Martial Arts class, for Younger Children, Adults and Teens
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Finally, I would like to thank you for reading about Combined Self Defence. We hope that you will find our lessons informative, enjoyable and above all, useful.


Jeet kune Do or JKD (way of the intercepting fist) is an eclectic and hybrid martial art created by Bruce Lee during the 1960’s. Neither a system nor a method, Bruce Lee didn’t consider his art a style but an aggregate of principles for developing the martial mind and body. Although Jeet Kune Do’s foundation lies in wing chun theory, Bruce Lee liberally borrowed from other kung fu styles: taekwondo, wrestling, fencing and Western boxing. Building on the precept of self-knowledge through self-discovery, the JKD practitioner is prompted to absorb what ideas are useful and discard those that are not. The physical goal is perpetual development of physical speed, timing, footwork, coordination and power. Since Bruce Lee’s death in 1973, two variations of Jeet Kune Do have evolved: original JKD, which is promoted as the art Bruce Lee practiced; and JKD concepts, which applies Bruce Lee’s concepts to martial arts techniques drawn from various Indonesian, Philippine and Thai styles.


Thru The Fire (TTF) is a community for people who want to learn effective martial arts, want to learn more self defense techniques, are curious about security, or want to train physically, mentally, and emotionally. From people who want to start learning through to instructors who want to gain new skills, TTF has a wide variety of people involved in over 9 countries. What we all share in common is a desire to learn, grow, and help each other in a safe community. We meet in weekly online sessions in closed forums and in person at camps and other training opportunities.

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At Combined Self Defence we use different ranges of distance in our training. As you change range with your attacker your strategy must change with fluidity to enable you to remain safe.

CSD Training consists of the following elements…

Single Stick
Double Stick
Energy/Sensitivity Drills
Limb and Foot Trapping
Ground Training
Rapid Assult Tactics
Sumbrada Range Drills
Numerada Flow Drills
Kick & Thai Boxing
Knife Tapping & the U Drill
Defendo/Control and Compliance
Flow Training
Non-violent techniques & conflict-resolution

These obviously take time to learn, but the common theme is in the attributes and principles you are building. We can then take those attributes and principles that we learn and apply them to different ranges.



Carterton Gateway Primary School (Main Hall)
Netheravon Close
OX18 3SF

5:30 – 6:30 PM Juniors 4 – 11 Years
6:30 – 7:30 PM Adults, Teens & Senior Grade Juniors


Faringdon Leisure Centre (Main Hall – Far right hand side)
Fernham Road

5:00 – 6:00 PM Juniors 4 – 11 Years
6:00 – 7:00 PM Adults, Teens & Senior Grade Juniors


Chipping Norton Leisure Centre (Main Hall)
Burford Road
Chipping Norton

5:00 – 6:00 PM Juniors 4 – 11 Years
6:00 – 7:00 PM Adults, Teens & Senior Grade Juniors

Carterton Gateway Primary School (Main Hall)
7:30 – 8:30 PM Adults, Teens & Senior Grade Juniors


Stow On The Wold Primary School (Main Hall)
St Edwards Drive
Stow on the Wold
GL54 1AW

6:30 – 7:30 PM Juniors 4 – 11 Years
7:30 – 8:30 PM Adults, Teens & Senior Grade Juniors


Fairford Farmors School (Main Hall)
Farmor’s School
The Park

6:30 – 7:30 PM Juniors 4 – 11 Years
7:30 – 8:30 PM Adults, Teens & Senior Grade Juniors
8:30 – 9:30 Combined Self Defence JKD 16 Years +


You may have some questions regarding training with us. Please see our Frequently asked questions below and should you find your question isn’t answered, just drop us an e-mail!

Do you offer a FREE lesson?

YES we offer all prospective students a month’s FREE training.

Most Martial Art or Self Defence schools offer one FREE lesson. How can you decide if you like the class and it suits you after just one visit. It is Important to train with people you trust. Some things to consider are Class Dynamics. Are members friendly and welcoming, do they put a priority on learning.

Is the coach/Instructor friendly, approachable, non egotistical and proficient in the delivery of the material. Too many Coaches/Instructors like to show off. Whilst the instructor showing his/her skill allows students to see what level of skill they can gain from training in your class too much of this can be boring or intimidating.

All that said. You are welcome to come and train with us for a month at no charge.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. The month is completely FREE and there is no obligation to join if you don’t want to. We even run FREE Tae Kwon-Do sessions througout the summer holidays for our local communities.
How many Martial Arts groups do that?

What type of clothing should I wear to my FREE lessons?

Tracksuit or shorts and tee shirt. If you wear tracksuit the trousers must not be long enough to go under the foot. That causes students to slip and is a safety hazard. You wont need any shoes as we train in bare feet. Dont forget to bring some water in a sports bottle, no screw tops or glass please.

What’s the cost for training with you?

When you come and visit us for your first lesson we will inform you of the costs for continued membership once your FREE trial lessons are complete.

What are your Minimum Terms?

There are no minimum sign up terms. All that we ask is that you give us a months notice if you decide to leave so that we can arrange to offer that place to another prospective student.

Do you stop for School Holidays?

We train through the School Holidays. Our Martial Arts school closes for 5 weeks a year and as students all have an unlimited training package they can train at additional lessons to make up missed training if they wish.

Do you have Suits and Belts?

No, but in our JKD classes we recommend sportswear and trainers.

Can I take belt gradings?

We do not hold belt gradings for our JKD classes. We want people to come and train without the pressure of a grading system.

Do I need to be fit, or be of a certain age?

No you do not need to be fit to come along. The training is generalised and you can take a break if your fitness dictates this. Our oldest member is a 50 year old female. Besides whats the point in having to get fit to join a class that you want to participate in with the aim to get fit. As you push your own abiltites you will become fitter.

I am a girl, what can I expect?

Women need to train with men – period. It’s great fun to train with other women, and there are great women warriors out there, but training with a variety of people, of a variety in sizes, including men will balance your training, improve your skills faster and build your confidence.

You won’t be asked to do anything you don’t want to and can take a break if you need to.

Can I come and watch?

Yes if you are seriously interested you can come and watch the class by appointment. When you get people just walking in off the street to “just have a look” it can put members off their training. It is much much better if you come and join in on your first lesson.

You won’t be asked to do anything you don’t want to and can take a break if you need to.

What are your Qualifications?

We are qualified instructors of Thru The Fire Training Organisation. We are also First Aid trained.

Do you do MMA Mixed Martial Arts?

Mixed Martial Arts is an extremely specialised sport. Most of us do not have the time to attend a gym for 5 days a week constantly working on cardio and fighting skills. There is no doubt that MMA competitors have the edge when it comes to a fight, but don’t forget competition has rules.


Lee Chapman

Lee has been training since 1993 and is qualified to teach:
TAGB – Tae Kwon-Do
Thru the Fire – Jeet Kune Do
Defendo – Control And Restraint
Kettlebell Training
Lee is also a “Ricky Hatton Academy” Advanced Boxing For Fitness Instructor

Mike Starling

Mike has been training since 2011 and is qualified to teach:
Thru the Fire – Jeet Kune Do